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Be better.  Do better.  Stay better

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Exceliate takes a holistic approach to empower individuals and organisations, to thrive. We believe a foundation of well-being is essential for success and to realise your full potential!

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Harnessing the energy

Unleash your potential by harnessing your energy with Exceliate. Overcome the pain points that hinder productivity, growth, and success in either your personal life, professional journey, or organization. A brighter, more fulfilling future awaits you!

Our tailored coaching and expert guidance will empower individuals to achieve balance and self-confidence, professionals to elevate their careers, and organizations to foster thriving cultures. Imagine a future where you flourish personally, excel professionally, and witness your organization reaching new heights of success.

By harnessing your energy with Exceliate, you’ll pave the way for transformative growth in every aspect of your life and work. Embrace the possibilities, and let us be your partner in turning that bright future into a reality, unlocking boundless opportunities and achievements. The power to excel is within your reach – seize it with Exceliate!

What we do

The Exceliate advantage

At Exceliate, we believe that well-being should be a core part of an organisation’s approach to success – not part of the first-aid kit! We provide the expertise, training and support to transform people and organizations, backed by 25+ years experience working with startups, public sector and corporate organisations.


Success plans for individuals and organizations


Balanced Being

Unlock your true purpose and potential, boost self-confidence, and cultivate meaningful relationships through tailored coaching and mindfulness training!

Elevate your career with focused professional skills development and customized coaching, strengthening your leadership, networking, and emotional intelligence competencies!


Success Accelerator

Boost productivity, elevate employee satisfaction, and create a thriving workplace culture through our customized coaching and success plans tailored to your goals!

As someone who has received such incredible benefits, both personally and professionally, from Rupesh Srivastava I can wholeheartedly recommend Exceliate.

~ John Barnes, CEO of Entangled Positions

Be better. Do better. Stay better.

Exceliate delivers comprehensive well-being development and business consultancy solutions for organizations, teams, and individuals, all striving to achieve unparalleled success. We pride ourselves on providing ongoing support and guidance, rather than a temporary fix or a one-size-fits-all approach.

As your steadfast partner, we’re dedicated to crafting tailored solutions that address your unique needs and challenges. We empower you to harness your strengths, identify areas for growth, and access the resources and expertise required to unleash your full potential.

With Exceliate by your side, you’ll gain the skills and insights needed to excel in your field, propelling you towards enduring success. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey of growth, achievement, and lasting fulfillment.

The right mentor matters!

As a woman in STEM, I believe that having an exceptional mentor is empowering and this is exactly what Rupesh has been for me. We have connected from the first moment and through our mentoring sessions, I have seen myself grow both personally and professionally. He has helped me gain confidence and challenged me to step outside my comfort zone to develop my communication and leadership skills as well as numerous other soft skills such as speaking, networking and teamwork. I was very lucky to have such insights into the industry world from an experienced leader and great person, who was always willing to impart his wisdom and give me useful advice. Rupesh inspired and motivated me to conquer my goals and become a leader myself.

Elizabeth, London, UK

Mentoring from Rupesh was an invaluable help when I recently found myself in a bad place in my work life: indecisive, overstressed and under-productive. Over the course of several online sessions Rupesh helped me take stock, prioritise and organise, using a variety of methods ranging from guided meditation to organisational techniques and simple, honest advice. His guidance and wisdom has helped me to stop sweating the small stuff and focus my time and energy where it has most impact. After just a few sessions I have been left happier and calmer, and a more effective colleague and manager. I am reaping the rewards every week at work and my productivity has soared. I can’t recommend him enough!

JG, Oxford, UK

Our approach is to understand the whole person and work with them to overcome obstacles for sustainable success and growth.

Everyone is treated with kindness and respect – irrespective of background, culture, gender or seniority.

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