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Reimagining the workplace in the 21st century to drive sustainable growth and success by fostering peace, productivity and a propserity mindset.


Empowering organisations, teams and individuals to grow through sustainable well-being through a holistic approach. 


Treating every person with integrity, compassion and respect  – irrespective of background, culture, gender or status.

Our story

In the mid-1990s, Rupesh, a devoted Physics PhD student, found himself in a work environment plagued by destructive behaviors. Unwilling to accept failure, he aspired to create a space that nurtured inclusivity, respect, well-being, teamwork, and innovation. Thus, he embarked on a solitary, determined journey to bring his vision to life.

With a clear goal in mind and unyielding persistence, Rupesh developed new skills and exhibited remarkable patience. His efforts bore fruit, fostering a thriving team culture that enhanced well-being and productivity. The once imminent failure transformed into extraordinary success for all the project students involved.

Over the next 25 years, Rupesh successfully applied his experiences to businesses and organizations of all sizes, making a lasting impact.

In 2020, Rupesh founded “Training with Roop” to share essential workplace skills. As the world faced the pandemic and work practices shifted, he recognized the need for well-being as a strategic priority in organizations.

This realization led to the birth of Exceliate – a platform committed to empowering organizations through sustainable well-being and genuine human connections.

Dr. Rupesh Srivastava holds a PhD in Physics and has 25+ years of experience in business growth, innovation and people leadership.


Working intensively with individuals and small groups to discover and address barriers to personal growth.


Crafting exceptional teams needed by inspirational and innovative organisations to deliver customer success.


A cross-cutting approach looking at people, processes and practices to maximise productivity and well-being.


Providing authentic and trusted support that enables leaders to shine in their unique leadership styles.

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